Sam Ryder

Issue 1513

Sam Ryder

Sam Ryder

Throughout 2022, the Sam Ryder has been a ray of light. After astounding expectations and coming second at Eurovision, he returned home a national hero, a beacon of positivity in dark times. And he’s not done spreading the love just yet he tells us this week…

One day in Calais

The migrant crisis is in the headlines. Again. But the stories of those fleeing conflict, environmental threat, persecution or poverty are not. The Big Issue travelled to the camps in northern France to meet those who believe a brighter future is waiting in Britain.

Also inside

  • Pattie Boyd was there as The Beatles conquered America and found spirituality, but she tells us in a Letter To My Younger Self that she wishes she’d gone to art school
  • Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce spill the secrets of their new drama A Spy Among Friends
  • We launch this year’s highly collectable limited edition Christmas wrapping paper from renowned artists
  • And Bianca in Coventry says she sells The Big Issue to support her kids and enable to get the education she was denied

Plus much more!

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