After Scotland, who’s next?

Issue 1093

After Scotland, who’s next?

In this week’s Big Issue…

Last December, the mayor of Phoenix, Arizona declared he’d eradicated homelessness amongst the city’s army vets. Last month, the mayor of Salt Lake City said the same thing. As new figures on homelessness compete in Britain (Joseph Rowntree Foundation says they’re up, government says down), Julian Owen looks to see what the Americans are doing – and whether it’s real.

There is a battle currently being waged over the future of Scotland and the entire UK. You might have heard a little of this. It’s not the only independence agitation in town, though. Adam Forrest looks to the micro-indy movements, from Wessex to Sealand. There are more than you might think.

And more…

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with David Blunkett. It’s a belter. The early, harrowing death of his father had a marked effect. He considers how it toughened him and talks paternity suits and Gordon Brown.

John Bird is considering Russia, Ukraine, the Crimea and the west. The reasons for the powerplays are laid out in history, he says. Learn from history, don’t repeat it.

The return of Monty Python is a thorn in my side, says Terry Gilliam. There is much else from the cranky veteran is this crackling interview. Last winter we ran a Python inspired cover. He has much to say on this too…

Were you offended by the Paddy Power ad with Oscar Pistorius? I was, says Brendan O’Neill – but that’s no reason to ban it. He looks into the culture of offence.

Elsewhere, there is a quiet selection of other delights. Old Sinatra pal Buddy Greco talks Rat Pack with Mackenzie, Lynne Truss talks cats in horror, and the difficult, funny genius of Stewart Lee is celebrated in the TV column.

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