Seed the world

Issue 1399

Seed the world

This week world leaders and a top field of scientists travelled to the remote island of Svalbard to plant some seeds in the Global Seed Vault. If some catastrophe wipes out our crops, this back-up storage facility could be feed our future. We talk to the man who runs the Vault and speak to a researcher from Kew Gardens about why he’s talking Prince Charles’ seeds there…

Fresh figures from the government report that the number of rough sleepers has dropped but the same arguments remain about how the counting method is seriously flawed. We investigate what’s really going on.

Also inside…

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is poet, actor and DJ Craig Charles whose career has taken in Red Dwarf and the Rovers Return
  • After last night’s Question Time, John Bird writes that the cost of cuts has meant a generation of lost opportunities
  • Did Star Trek’s villainous Borg predict the way our society would all become connected via social media and turned into mindless drones? Seven of Nine actress Jeri Ryan engages with the issue
  • Vendor Anabel is new to selling The Big Issue in Glasgow, but she says it has already improved her confidence

Plus much more!


The Big Issue

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