Seize the stay!

Issue 1421

Seize the stay!

The summer getaway has been made tricky by Covid-19. So with more people on the lookout for places to go domestically, who better to ask than Big Issue vendors who spend so much time on Britain’s streets working hard to sell the magazine? We asked them to tap into their unique local knowledge to shed light on the unseen delights of the towns, cities and resorts where they sell the magazine and to offer up tips of other must-see locales worth the journey. (We hope you like Cornwall…)

How to build back better
At a time when the country is in dire need of more social housing, we investigate how the government is instead making it easier for developers to create not-fit-for-purpose homes in office buildings.

Also inside:

  • Jason Isaacs is our Letter To My Younger Self – far from being a confident public figure, the Harry Potter and Star Trek star says he still fights fear and insecurity
  • Going underground – beneath our feet are warrens of former WWII and Cold War shelters that could be used for public good. Survivalist expert Bradley Garrett asks why governments in the past invested more in protecting the population than they do today
  • Our vendor expert Richard Todd tells us how to protect ourselves from vampires by sharing tips on growing garlic
  • Fact/Fiction asks whether baboons in safari parks are being armed with knives
  • And things are looking up for John who tells us in My Pitch how he’s getting settled into a flat and has a way to keep in touch with his loved ones

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