Shaun the Sheep: Follow the Leader

Issue 990

Shaun the Sheep: Follow the Leader

Heading up this week’s Big Issue is a sheep. Shaun The Sheep.

With a behind the scenes glimpse at Aardman Studios, Jasper Hamill gets to know the flock of animators putting their skills to the science of the lamb.

What do you know about graphene? Keeping on the theme of British innovation, Helena Drakakis looks into properties and patents for the super-material that could prove to be the Philosopher’s Stone for British new technologies.

Minnie Driver takes centre-stage in Letter To my Younger Self and in My Week Chris Addison explains why slippers are an essential part of a parent’s wardrobe  (clue: the peril of stepping on lego).

Also in this week’s Big Issue: Samira Ahmed lauds the geek, author John Ashton reassesses the Lockerbie bombing and My Pitch vendor Sam Waylens discusses some of his better known customers – including JK Rowling.

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