Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son

Issue 1601

Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son

As a teenager, Lorna Tucker lived on the streets. A man selling The Big Issue became her guardian angel, and her picture appeared in the missing people column in the pages of this magazine. This week, she has in some ways come full circle. Her career as a filmmaker has taken her to our front cover. It’s truly a remarkable story. Read more about Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son, in this week’s magazine, and how homelessness doesn’t have to be inevitable.

There are screenings of the film from 8 February across the country. Visit to find the one closest to you.

Also inside:

  • The secret schools for girls in Afghanistan defying the Taliban
  • People who live alone are the fastest growing demographic – but they’re forced to pay a ‘Singles Tax’ in a world designed for couples and families
  • Waterloo Road star Angela Griffin was always driven to succeed – so much so she wishes her younger self was still around now to have a word
  • The Smile’s new album is the sound of Radiohead members having fun
  • Love evolved from cannibalism, and other facts to spoil your Valentine’s Day
  • The art and activism of Yoko Ono reimagines in a new exhibition
  • How evolution made dogs nicer than humans
  • And Bristol vendor Leventica is hoping to enrol in some training to kickstart a new career

Plus much more!

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