State of the Nation: The Coldwar Steve cover

Issue 1351

State of the Nation: The Coldwar Steve cover

In this week of weeks, this time we’re in, we decided a chronicler of the age was needed. We asked the man behind the Coldwar Steve phenomenon to create an exclusive Big Issue cover. He agreed.

Inside this week

  • Steven MacKenzie investigates who’ll build things and nurse us and do a lot of the essential jobs currently filled by EU workers when freedom of movement restrictions come in, especially if there is a £30,000 earnings threshold. He discovers a Brexit jobs dividend!
  • Our vendor this week, introducing and closing the magazine, is Dai Gore in Truro. He’s up and at ‘em.
  • The Letter to My Younger self is Ralph Fiennes.
  • We investigate the return of foraging – is it a middle class pastime or a useful way to feed ourselves post Brexit?
  • Our vendor city guide is to Prague
  • In Fact/Fiction we investigate if driverless cars are racist
  • Acclaimed screenwriter Paul Laverty writes exclusively for us about his new project

There’s much more of course.

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