Stranger Things

Issue 1514

Stranger Things

Into a deeply divided, topsy-turvy world comes the new series of global phenomenon Stranger Things. The Netflix sci-fi sensation’s star David Harbour talks about its success, fame, the mental health issues he’s overcome and how the show shines a light on our own Upside Down reality

Troy Deeney
The footballer has been scoring goals off the pitch, campaigning for a more diverse curriculum to be taught in schools. He’s had great success but asks why it takes a famous face to make the government take notice when grassroots activists have been ignored for years.

Joe Wicks
Growing up, Joe Wicks was an angry child who struggled to cope with his parents’ problems. But that set him on the path to becoming a lockdown legend.

Also inside:

  • Why tenants in a London tower block, fed up with rising service fees, have gone on strike
  • What the closure of McDonald’s in Russia says about the state of McDiplomacy
  • How a refugee’s graduation ceremony reflected the journey and struggles he’s undertaken in life
  • The story of The Homes, an orphans’ village where up to 1000 children lived together, 10 miles outside Glasgow
  • Back to the Future star Lea Thompson on wishing we were back in the past as far as social media goes
  • And Alnwick vendor Illie says that selling the magazine feels like “a miracle”

Plus much more!

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