ISSUE 1172

Street Cat Bob. Bestseller. Movie star. The incredible story continues

e’s back! This week’s cover star is one and only Street Cat Bob. James Bowen writes exclusively about their first appearances in Europe – our cover shows Bob at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – latest plans for their Cat Café and their movie that’s about to start filming with Luke Treadaway playing James. Find out who’s playing Bob!

Scottish comic book supremo Mark Millar has written Kick-Ass, Wantedand Kingsman: The Secret Service. In a revealing Letter To My Younger Self he reflects on how the loss of his parents in his teens shaped his life, and why he’s doing non-sweary films his kids can watch.

Ingenious developers and housing organisations are rethinking houses for the homeless – brick by brick. On spare ground revamped shipping containers and prefab kit-homes are springing up as move-on housing. Can they crack the prohibitive cost of land to seriously tackle the housing crisis? Adam Forrest investigates.

As Labour’s new leader invokes an age of coal and Keir Hardie, columnist Damian Barr, who grew up near Hardie’s home in the coalfields of Lanarkshire, explains why Jeremy Corbyn could be the reason that Thatcher remains victorious.

Also in this week’s magazine…

King of choirs Gareth Malone sings the praises of auto-tune.

John Bird says we must stop making a song and dance about whether or not Corbyn sings the national anthem, and fix poverty first.

Actress Cathy Tyson explains why maps shaped her world as a young girl.

In My Pitch vendor Claudia and her kids are settling into their new home and school in Birmingham – the local park and Claudia’s home-baking are keeping everyone happy.