Strictly speaking, it’s Peter Andre

Issue 1180

Strictly speaking, it’s Peter Andre

In this weeks issue…It’s the first of our bumper seasonal run of mags. Up in pagination, up in content, up a touch in price. It’s the time when vendors can make more money as the nights close in.

How do you follow the pope? With Peter Andre, of course – the nation’s favourite hip-swiveller enjoying a career resurgence that nobody could have predicted. He delivers a Letter To My Younger Self. He discusses rebelling against his strict religious upbringing and about his marriage to Katie Price. Girls didn’t fancy me when I was younger, he coyly insists.

Another man who struggles to win any female attention is George Clooney. We look at his visit to Edinburgh’s Social Bite café – involving a couple of former Big Issue vendors. It’s about giving people a hand-up not a hand out, he said, neatly explaining The Big Issue mission.

It’s point echoed by John Bird. He details why it’s important to always take the magazine rather than simply give the vendor money.

Our featured vendor this week is Kelvin McCann, who sells in central Cardiff. After time in hostels, he’s been found a place by the Salvation Army. He’s on his way back, he says.

As findings were published this week showing a global temperature rise, and ahead of the upcoming UN climate change summit in Paris, we try to get to the bottom of what it all means. We’re joined by expert Dr Roz Pidcock, of Carbon Brief and, offering his view that climate change is complex and cyclical, it’s Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences at MIT. Answering our questions is Claude Lorius. Veteran explorer and scientist he was the first person to realise that polar ice could tell us much about global climate change. A fascinating trio.

As attitudes about migrants moving across Europe harden, we’ve gone into The Jungle at Calais, to meet the people gathering there and get a real sense of what they are going through. This is great photo essay by Edward Jonkler.

We’re also joined by Victoria Anderson for a look at the Christie’s Modigliani sale and what this says about men and women and how we live now.