Strictly Special

Issue 1489

Strictly Special

Claudia Winkleman

For light-entertainment, Strictly Come Dancing is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Not only raising the mood of the country but being a beacon of inclusivity and diversity. Co-host Claudia Winklemen tells us how the show has evolved into gently progressive public service broadcasting. What a way to open our run of bumper Christmas editions!

Stop Mass Homelessness

The Big Issue’s Stop Mass Homelessness campaign was launched in summer when we could see a storm coming. Falling Covid-19 support now risks homelessness on a scale we’ve never seen before. This week we explain how the government could save £2.2 billion – rather than waiting for people to become homeless, prevent them from doing so in the first place.

Winning the lottery of life

Five years ago, Matt Callanan thought he’d won the lottery. He hadn’t – but after buying The Big Issue he discovered a much greater jackpot….

Matt Haig

For many, Christmas isn’t all joy and sparkle. Bestselling author Matt Haig explains how to cope with mental health problems and how his own experiences fed into a kids book turned film adaptation, A Boy Called Christmas.

Also inside

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  • Sabine Goodwin warns against foodbanks becoming normalised at the most crucial time of year
  • We release legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck’s Letter To My Younger Self
  • Mr Men and Little Miss writer Adam Hargreaves looks back on 50 years of the franchise
  • How a Kinder egg started a surprising linguistic odyssey
  • Stuart in Cardiff tells us about selling in his local market and coming through lockdown

Plus much more!