ISSUE 1252

Talk to me: Life’s big questions… Nature knows the answers

What a difference 12 months make. Earth Day falls on the same date – 22 April – each year. On Earth Day 2016, the Accord de Paris was signed by 195 countries, pledging to limit the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to halt the affects of climate change. Since then, Trump and Brexit risk threaten all the hard won progress. This week’s Big Issue looks at why we need to stand up to fight for the planet – and why scientists across the world will take to the streets to March for Science this weekend – while celebrating all creatures great and small that hold the secrets of life. They are weirder and more wonderful than we can imagine. Just take a look at the cuttlefish on this week’s cover!

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Also this week:

  • Premiership footballers, top-flight cricketers, iPad bingo players, the man on the street – gambling addiction can happen to anyone and is rising sharply. But new ways to tackle it are emerging, and this week we reveal how The Big Issue is playing a part in the solution.
  • One of most memorable TV series of recent time, Breaking Bad saw a good guy turn dark in an unstoppable downward spiral. As BB spin-off Better Call Saul returns to Netflix, we go on-set in the New Mexico desert to discuss the art of the anti-hero with star Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean.
  • Julian Barratt – the comedian and actor best known for his work as one half of The Mighty Boosh – delivers his Letter To My Younger Self. He reflects on leaving home at 17 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional jazz guitarist. It didn’t work.

And, as always, much more…