The Beautiful Game

Issue 1608

The Beautiful Game

A new Netflix film, The Beautiful Game, tells the story of the Homeless World Cup. We speak to stars Bill Nighy, Micheal Ward and Callum Scott Howells, as well as players who have changed their lives playing in the tournament.

Also inside

  • Actress singer and producer Cynthia Erivo is defying expectations in her new film Drift
  • How you can learn to embrace the random chaos at the root of all of our lives
  • The prickly subject of culling in the name of conservation
  • After Adeel Akhtar thought his life had already been mapped out for him, discovering acting came as quite a surprise
  • Why Family Courts should establish a therapy fund for struggling parents to stop trauma being passed down the generations
  • Taking a year to celebrate Alice Coltrane’s musical wonderland
  • Ghostbusters still raising spirits after four decades
  • And Nottingham vendor Craig says that he has such an interesting time on his pitch it’d make a great film

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