The Big Issue Christmas Knees Up

Issue 1335

The Big Issue Christmas Knees Up
Welcome to The Big Issue Christmas knees up! With less than a month to go until Chrimbo, we thought we’d invite some top-class stars ’round ours for a festive shindig. It’s party time!
  • Arriving first is Jurassic Park heartthrob and jazz master Jeff Goldblum. He’s been a fly, a dinosaur-duelling mathematician and a computer nerd who shut down an alien invasion. But it’s his beat keeping jazz piano skills that make him top of our soiree invite list.
  • Joining us all the way from LA, Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne, who, after hiding away in a leopard print robe, reveals he’s fallen behind the news curve. Brexit? What’s that? Is it a big deal? Pull up a chair, we’re explaining Brexit to Ozzy.
  • Ruth Wilson’s next to knock on the door with the mother of all stories. After her secret agent grandfather died, it emerged he’d had multiple wives – and families – on the go. Gather round, as she tells the curious tale of how she’s playing her own grandmother in new show.
  • Star of convenience store CCTV cameras worldwide, and our new best F R I E N D, it’s David Schwimmer, who tells us why he’s using his lifelong passion for theatre to learn more about homelessness.
  • This week’s culture section features a sobering look at the true cost of Black Friday from Ben Sullivan and Doug Johnstone digs into quirky black comedy with Chris McQueer’s new short story collection.

And as always, much more.

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