The first Noel

Issue 1385

The first Noel

Our bumper Christmas specials begin next week so who better to be on the first cover than someone whose name literally means Christmas?

Noel Gallagher lets rip on Brexit, shares his thoughts on Boris and Jeremy – and also someone called Liam. It’s quite explosive. Don’t get excited about an Oasis reunion just yet…

More politicians are backing the Big Issue Future Generations pledge ahead of the general election, while Peter Pomerantsev guides us through the political mire where nothing seems real.

Also inside…

  • BONG! This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald. We’ve also asked vendors to offer advice to their younger selves.
  • Karen Gillan starred in Avengers: Endgame, which became the highest grossing film ever this year, but she’s gone back to her roots writing, directing and starring in The Party’s Just Beginning
  • Operation Yellowhammer was the codename for the government’s leaked No Deal Brexit report. Why was it named after a bird? What does that have to do with Christmas? All those questions and more revealed!
  • This week’s My Pitch vendor is Donna in Exeter who sells at the Christmas market
  • Plus: Are Greggs making diet doughnuts to aid weight loss?

Finally, we’re getting close to the deadline for kids cover competition entries. If you know any young artists or youth groups who might like to enter, tell them all about it!

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