The Full Monty returns

Issue 1567

The Full Monty returns

In 1997, The Full Monty became the highest grossing film in UK history. The film showed the devastating impact of deindustrialisation in Sheffield, but it was a film so full of heart and humour and audacity and hope. Star Robert Carlyle tells The Big Issue this week that the timing of its return is fitting as people again are struggling and the party in power running on empty.

“It seems pretty obvious that people are fed up,” Carlyle says. “We want change. Let’s get away from the selfishness that this government glorifies in and infects people with. Let’s get a new broom and sweep that away.”

Also inside

  • For Carers Week we hear how eldercare is the new childcare and new rights are needed urgently
  • Thousands of military personnel were sacked for being gay, many sent to prison. We speak to those fighting for justice
  • Why comedian Gina Yashere felt she had to leave the UK to build her career
  • Le Tigre brings righteous fury to the dancefloor
  • How science fiction can save the future
  • And Manchester vendor Steve explains why he returned to sell the magazine after a traffic accident

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