The future of cities

Issue 1585

The future of cities

A quiet revolution is happening in the UK’s cities. One that might hold answers for our struggles with loneliness and the environment. In last week’s magazine, we looked at Sunak’s big U-turn on net zero, which experts painted as a “cynical” attempt to avoid a drubbing at the next general election. This week we examine another front the Conservatives have decided to open in hope of staying in office: the places we live. Can cities survive the storm?

Also inside

  • Four decades on, the contaminated blood scandal has resulted in the deadliest man-made disaster in post-war British history – and people are still waiting for justice
  • Adrian Edmondson broke all the rules at school but in a Letter To My Younger Self he realises that chasing adrenaline was a substitute for not being loved
  • What happens when you break up with your ex but the housing crisis means neither of you can afford to move out?
  • If you want to understand the world of a teenager, you have to listen to them – especially about vaping – says BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Rachel Burden
  • And to mark World Homeless Day we take a trip to meet street paper sellers around the globe.

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