The future of work

Issue 1461

The future of work

Jobs of the future

The pandemic has transformed our working lives. Where we work, how we work and what jobs are available are some of the biggest post-Covid issues so in a special edition we explore them:

  • What will the jobs market look in the months and years to come?
  • What will be the jobs we haven’t conceived yet?
  • How can we stop robots replacing us?
  • Is it finally time for Universal Basic Income?
  • Will we ever be able to retire?


We look at how The Big Issue is adapting to an increasingly cashless society with help from Zettle by Paypal.

James O’Brien

In a Letter To My Younger Self, the outspoken radio host talks says the impact of the abuse he suffered at school became clear when he opened up to therapy

We have Olivia Williams talking about her superhero series and starring in The Father, Sam Delaney harks the return of The OC and Anne Frankenstein celebrates Sons of Kemet’s celebration of Black Britishness.

Plus Daniel McKenzie sings the praises of Inverness, and we pay tribute to London vendor Barry Harding who died earlier this month.

Plus much more…

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