The Great Resignation

Issue 1497

The Great Resignation

The missing 1.2 million workers

If the pandemic hadn’t come along, over a million more people would be in the labour market at the moment. So where did they go? We take a look at the phenomenon dubbed The Great Resignation to find out how after a period of reflection, the world of work is changing for good.

Martin Freeman

In new series The Responder, Martin Freeman plays a Liverpudlian frontline police officer whose mental health has taken a downturn. He explains how the themes of poverty and depression are drawn from real-life experiences.

Also inside

  • Having swapped cobbles for an ice rink, Sally Dynevor, aka Sally from Corrie, is this week’s Letter To My Younger Self
  • Diagnosed with early onset dementia, Wendy Mitchell busts the clichés and shares what she wishes people knew about the illness
  • In a mini Hobbit reunion, Evangeline Lilly talks about how after playing a castaway, elf and Avenger, she’s finally starring as a character she can relate to
  • We report from the launch of the Big Issue eBikes scheme in Bristol
  • How vendors are being helped to develop their digital skills and build confidence
  • And Dale in Plymouth tells us how he’s saving up for a deposit for a flat

Plus much more!