ISSUE 1313

The Incredible Invincible Bubble: The Big Issue Vendor Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Birmingham vendor Karl ‘Bubble’ Lamsdale is lucky to be alive after a suspected hit-and-run. He suffered broken bones, sepsis and two heart attacks – and was so close to death he says he met God. Now, against all expectations he’s back on his pitch of 19 years. In this week’s Big Issue he tells us about his remarkable resurrection.

Also this week…

  • We pledge allegiance to the frog... as London braces to welcome the most famous muppet of them all (besides the state visit of President Trump), Kermit, Miss Piggy and the fuzzy crew prepare to jet in and take on their biggest live shows ever. We caught up with the gang to catch up on style, greatness and the special relationship between the UK and US today.
  • The alternative world cup sticker makers. As this year’s official Panini world cup sticker album costs an estimated £773.60 to complete, the MIFA project is filling in the 254 missing players from the album…
  • PLUS Kate Nash on which career comes with harder knocks, wrestling or the pop music scene?