The legacy of Happy Valley

Issue 1549

The legacy of Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a genuine modern classic. A strong argument can be made for it being the greatest British television drama of this century.

The intimate moments – Catherine and Clare drinking wine and discussing the future at the start of this series, Tommy Lee Royce sitting uncomfortably close to his lawyer, Catherine interrupting her fury at grandson Ryan to ask what he was having for his tea (it was stew) – are so sublimely written and acted. And just as vital as organised crime and the impact of drug addiction, austerity and de-industrialisation on the local community to the show’s power.

The series may be coming to an end but its legacy lives on. We talk to actor James Norton and Halifax MP Holly Lynch about the impact and legacy of Sally Wainwright’s smash hit.

Also inside

  • The NHS turns 75 this year but will it survive another 75? Three nurses take the vitals of the health service to find staff numbers in freefall and a system on life support
  • Waterloo Road star Adam Abbou took on the responsibility of shining a light on homelessness, while playing troubled student Danny Lewis
  • Glen Matlock says getting back on stage with John Lydon, Steve Jones and Paul Cook would feel natural… despite years of rancour
  • Bath vendor Ian Duff introduces us to his new dog Trigger

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