The platinum edition

Issue 1515

The platinum edition

Platinum Jubilee

Like the rest of the country, we’re paying respects to Her Majesty as she celebrates 70 years on the throne. But we also thought, after all that time she deserves a day off. So we asked our vendors what they would do if they had the chance to sit on the throne for a day and the answers, as you might expect, are brilliant. The cover comes from street artist Loretto, who painted QEII with another national treasure, Street Cat Bob, on a wall in Fitzrovia.


With great excitement, we’re launching The Big Issue’s brand new podcast. BetterPod comes from our Future Generations team, giving an opportunity for young people’s voices, usually excluded from debate, to share their views on building a better tomorrow. Their first guest is Sophie Howe, the world’s first Future Generations Commissioner. Look out for more information on the launch coming very soon…

Also inside

  • The Chelsea Flower Show garden built by people with experience of homelessness plus Jarvis Cocker’s pop archive in our roundup of news, views and miscellany
  • Our tips on how to challenge your landlord if they’re not treating you fairly
  • What happened when children from the Social Enterprise Academy had a go at selling The Big Issue to raise money for school projects
  • Does the Queen really own all the swans?
  • In a Letter To My Younger Self, Bruce Hornsby talks about the way it is that some people (including yourself) may doubt your chances of success – but don’t you believe them
  • A melancholic history emerging from the ice of Antarctica
  • Chris and Rosie Ramsey and Josh Widdicombe talk about how podcasts have changed the world (they must have heard we were starting our own)
  • And we take a trip around the Commonwealth to meet street paper vendors from Australia, South Africa and Canada to round off our Jubilee celebrations

Plus even more!

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