The Rewild Ones

Issue 1616

The Rewild Ones

This week we revisit the eager beavers who have been busy reshaping their environment since being reintroduced in London last year after they’d been lost to the area for 400 years. The project is just one of the rewilding initiatives taking place across the UK bringing a myriad of benefits.

Also inside

  • Highlights from our Impact Report showing how Big Issue is changing more lives than ever
  • Naga Munchetty writes about the shocking rise of misogyny and sexism in schools and colleges
  • Furiosa director George Miller on the ancient influences of the Mad Max series
  • How Kathleen Hanna found catharsis in activism and screaming out her feelings on stage
  • An interrogation of Richard Rankin as he takes over the role of Rebus
  • Why humans can’t fly
  • And Whitley Bay vendor Christopher shares his top metal detecting tips

Plus much more!

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