The tiny house that had a big impact

Issue 1516

The tiny house that had a big impact

Home truths

As council house waiting lists soar, hostels fill up and landlords count the zeros, things are getting desperate for people in need of a roof over their head. When a small, peculiar house popped up on a pavement of a busy London street, we went to meet its builder and resident, Lukas, whose converted wardrobe started an enormous debate about the UK’s housing crisis.

The cost of demolition

For decades, tearing down and “regenerating” council estates has been the norm – but with the climate and housing market in crisis, campaigners are questioning the costs for people and the planet.

Also inside

  • TV personality Alison Hammond has written a book about Black history – but her mum’s still her biggest hero by far
  • Stars and creator behind new state-of-the-nation drama Sherwood explore the enduring legacy of ‘spy cops’ and the miners’ strike
  • A first-hand account of how Britain’s homeless services are “fragmented, stripped to the bone, irrational, discriminatory and not fit for purpose”
  • A cat called Megalove and the best-dressed dog you’ve ever seen feature in this week’s Global Roundup
  • Sidse Babett Knudsen on the return of Borgen and how it proves all power corrupts
  • Poet and campaigner Hussain Manawer is the next guest on The Big Issue’s BetterPod
  • And Bernie in Plymouth tells us how selling The Big Issue supported him through recent health issues

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