This is a Lego world

Issue 1110

This is a Lego world

LEGO have created an exclusive cover showing Emmett, star of the Lego movie, buying a copy of The Big Issue from a Lego Big Issue vendor. They don’t do this for just anyone, so it’s a pretty big deal and very exciting. We hope you like it.

A great investigative feature by Steven Mackenzie takes us inside the world of Lego and meets the extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to becoming Lego Master Builders – yes, it’s a real job, playing with a collection of 9 million Lego pieces every day. Jealous? Who isn’t?! We also have copies of the Lego movie to be won. It’s a corker!

Other items of note this week…

Iain Duncan Smith made a comment a few weeks ago about The Big Issue, benefits and economic migrants. John Bird and Big Issue editor Paul McNamee went around to have a word, and he explains that he was taken out of context. He sings the praises of the magazine and its aims, saying: “Nobody is a bigger supporter of The Big Issue than me.” It’s a good read.

Legendary soul goddess Mavis Staples is our Letter To My Younger Self – in this eye-opening interview she talks about turning down a marriage proposal from Bob Dylan, singing for US presidents and the huge impact that meeting Martin Luther King had upon her as a young woman.

A vile conwoman duped 82-year-old Londoner Sylvia Eaves out of £350,000 in a 10-year campaign of deception. Sylvia bravely explains how it happened to her, and there is some very useful info to stop it happening to others.

Michelle Magorian, the author of bestselling WW2 children’s novel Goodnight Mister Tom, investigates what makes a brilliant kids’ book – perfect if you’re looking for a summer holiday read to keep youngsters amused.

My Week is another inspirational figure, a 103-year-old marathon runner who reveals his secrets for a long, happy, healthy life.

Morrissey’s latest album is dissected. Can the Moz get away with rhyming “beefaroni” and “lonely”? Hmmm…

And vendor Paul Talbot, in Leamington Spa, tells us he’s getting settled in his flat with new sofas, and hopes he’ll get back into gardening again.

And there’s more…

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera spills the secrets of how to train a dragon… John Bird reflects upon what’s really needed to help the poor out of the sticky stuff… Veterans who have lost limbs in Afghanistan and Iraq are finding a new lease of life as actors… Sam Delaney gets sweary on air with Katie Price… Brendan O’Neill says we must stop blaming celebs for everything… And you can win the entire back catalogue of iconic soul songwriters Holland-Dozier-Holland, 260-odd classic 60s tracks!

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