• The town where It’s A Wonderful Life all the time

The town where It’s A Wonderful Life all the time

Issue 1130

The town where It’s A Wonderful Life all the time

In this issue…There’s a town near Buffalo in upstate New York called Seneca Falls. It’s the inspiration for It’s A Wonderful Life. Steven MacKenzie uncovers its secrets, then speaks to Karolyn Grimes, Zuzu, from the film. And, hot dog, she has quite a story to tell.

Speaking of incredible life stories, we bring you Mark Dempster. He was a homeless drug addict and sometime paramilitary bagman until he started selling The Big Issue and turned his life around. He’s now a counsellor with a practice on Harley Street. Peter Ross delivers a tale that is part, he says, Long Good Friday, part Withnail and I.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Strictly’s Len Goodman. An old Mod, he turned to dance as a way to meet girls. Likeable and roguish throughout.

Oscar nominated Sally Hawkins explains the links between Woody Allen and Paddington bear.

Spot The Ball. As if you needed reminding – it’s here. In The Big Issue. Go on then.

Britain’s favourite scientist Brian Cox explains how to easily become an amateur astronomer in our Pause column.

We welcome our new columnist Damian Barr. He makes his debut with a tale of childhood, gambling and loss. It’s first class.

John Bird, meanwhile, looks at a generation of boybands, Doc Martens and a culture of complaining. The Beatles don’t come out of it unscathed.

Business editor Dominic Laurie looks to Greece and millions of pints down the drain. Also on the Economics pages, Adam Forrest investigates whether Myleene Klass has a point and that mansion tax is ridiculous because houses in London are so ruddy, bloody expensive.

Hello/Goodbye. This week, our featured vendor on page 3 and final page is Paul Younger, in Covent Garden. I’m guessing his dog Treacle will become a star.

Also in this week’s magazine…

We have a cracking interview with LA crime noir king James Ellroy, Andy Serkis talks bruised egos and CGI, and there is more from Big Issue Boffin Dr Ben Ambridge. There are a huge number of Christmas giveaways too.