Trainspotting returns. Choose this magazine!

Issue 1240

Trainspotting returns. Choose this magazine!

Glorying in the ‘epic ambition’ of T2 Trainspotting – the much-anticipated sequel to the 1996 film that brought Irvine Welsh fame fortune and fortune – the celebrated Scottish author explains how writing a short story for The Big Issue in 2013 helped bring his long-delayed classic-in-waiting to life. Welsh – politically motivated as ever – also reflects on post-Brexit Britain and President Trump. “We listen too much to opportunistic loudmouths who don’t have a clue,” he says.

Also this week: Sticking with the Trainspotting theme – which is in many ways a fantasy take on drug addiction – Colin McGubbin gives a graphic description of his experiences of its reality.

Julie Hesmondhalgh – a mainstay of British TV drama for the past two decades – delivers an unmissable Letter To My Younger Self. The Corrie legend (and Morrissey fangirl) explains how playing Hayley in the ITV soap changed her outlook on the vital social impact of acting and the arts.

Big Issue founder John Bird addresses our “ailing” NHS. Prevention really is better than cure, he writes.

Harry Borden has spent five years travelling the world to photograph survivors of the Holocaust and to record their stories. It is a powerful and moving record of one of history’s darkest moments. These stories will give you pause.

And, as always, much more.

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