TV – The Opium of the People?

Issue 989

TV – The Opium of the People?

TV seems to be so ‘comfortable’ these days. Where have all the challenging buccaneers gone, creating drama that makes us think? We try to find the answers…

Also in this week’s Big Issue…

With high streets full of boarded-up shops and good houses lying empty, we talk to people across Britain trying to inject life back into their towns. Plus, we hear from Mary Portas about her role as government shopping tsar

Queen guitar legend Brian May talks a working week of badgers, depression and dreams of Freddie Mercury

Advice on how we can take action to save our local libraries

John Bird discusses a novel way for us all to help out Greece

Plus Springsteen’s new album, the sexploits of Hollywood’s golden age, Street Lights, competitions, and much, much more

The Big Issue

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