Who wants to live forever?

Issue 1043

Who wants to live forever?

Supercentenarians are those lucky people who live to the age of 110 and over. We find out what makes them live so long, and why, despite scientific advances, there’s an age beyond which life cannot carry on…

Also in this week’s Big Issue… 

Veteran firebrand film-maker Ken Loach delivers his manifesto on how we should live now, considering the advances the immediate post-war period brought to society.

Al Murray with a moving Letter To My Younger Self. Fatherhood plays a significant part, the Pub Landlord doesn’t.

John Bird channels Isaiah Berlin and asks whether we shouldn’t put up with the arrogance and single-mindedness of people like Chris Huhne if it’s for the greater good.

Zoe Ball with an honest and revealing list of books to read during, amongst other things, a period of marriage difficulties and our featured vendor is Sarah Carter from Cardiff, who tells us about her dog, Browser.