ISSUE 1286

Our week with Mark Hamill: “Why did it turn out to be me?”


Luke, I am your Father (Christmas)!
Last year, The Big Issue spent a week cosying up with Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill while filming The Last Jedi. Find out what happened during our seven-day saga with the biggest star in the galaxy. It’s out of this world.

Also this week…

  • We’re going on a book hunt with celebrated children’s author Michael Rosen as he presents a box of books in the first delivery of The Big Issue’s Big Book Giveaway
  • The marmite Tory backbencher with a reputation for straight talking – mutineer Anna Soubry rages against her party’s EU plans and tells The Big Issue of her disbelief at the snap election
  • Move over Ebenezer, there’s a new festive tale in town. The Chimes, the story Dickens really wanted to be remembered for is brought back to life by, in true Dickens fashion, a cast of actors who are homeless
  • In Letter to My Younger Self, actress Miranda Richardson talks about her love for birds and why she’d tell 16-year-old Miranda: “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Plus lots, lots more…