What AI thinks about homelessness

Issue 1556

What AI thinks about homelessness
  • We asked an AI bot to draw what homelessness looks like – and this was the result
  • What happened when Melanie Sykes, Colin Murray and James O’Brien donned the red tabard for National Vendor week and took to the streets to sell the magazine?
  • Behind the scenes at the House of Lords where vendors were celebrated at a special reception
  • Guest columnist Ian Dunt lays bare unconscionable failures at the heart of the government’s asylum policy
  • In Hastings a quiet revolution is taking place. And it might just pave the way for a radical solution to the UK’s housing crisis
  • In Letter to My Younger Self, David Harewood reflects on a glittering stage and screen career, a devastating breakdown, and what it felt like to play in goal at Old Trafford
  • Sian Brooke on falling in love with Belfast – the backdrop to her new TV drama, Blue Lights
  • Sam Delaney was once a star-struck rookie hanging out with Gary Lineker on the set of Match of the Day

Plus much more!

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