What is the point of education?

Issue 1579

What is the point of education?

The future of education remains one of the big issues of our time. Within the last decade students leaving colleges and universities have become among the most indebted in society; teachers speak of ever heavier workloads and diminishing pay – recent strike action illustrates the teetering levels of frustration. And now certain subjects are deemed less worthy than others and classrooms are finding themselves in the crosshairs of culture wars.

So what is education for? As schools return and students get ready to leave home for university, we consider where things stand and where they can go to make the future brighter.

Also inside

  • The government has promised to end veteran homelessness in England by the end of the year. The new helpline set up to do it has been overwhelmed already
  • While women’s football fever gripped the world, the Street Soccer Nations Cup showed how the sport can help women experiencing homelessness
  • The Afghan refugee who built homes for the UK government but has found himself without one of his own
  • Beverley Knight says in a Letter To My Younger Self that she knew her future was in music, but never dreamed of performing with her pop idol Prince
  • The incredible life lessons from the Hermit of Loch Treig
  • How new drama The Woman in the Wall brings to light a horrifying chapter in Ireland’s history
  • And Bournemouth vendor Darrin says he’s one of the first to read the magazine when it comes out every Monday. Good on you Darrin!

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