Woody Allen – The Interview

Issue 1070

Woody Allen – The Interview

In this week’s Big Issue…

Woody Allen is enjoying one of his ‘he’s good again’ moments. As if his body of work isn’t enough. One of the great film-makers of all time, he talks to The Big Issue in Paris about neuroses over whether anybody will go to see anything he makes ever again, and about the great women he has worked with; he has some wonderful lines on Diane Keaton. It’s good to have him in.

A growing number of dead people are sending tweets. Steven MacKenzie investigates from where this has sprung, who’s doing it, how it will develop (for all of us) and what the online status updates might mean about our relationship with death.

And more…

Letter To My Younger Self is with baking queen Mary Berry. Behind the gentility of icing there is a life lived. She talks frankly about the death of her son, how she tried to change her husband, and her regrets.

John Bird channels Harry Potter this week as he looks to Big Issue past in order to plot a way to Big Issue future.

Brendan O’Neill, meanwhile, slams what he is calling a rising sneerocracy built upon easy brickbats flung at politicians. If you want elected representatives to do some good, challenge them to come up with something rather than expending energy by sneering cynically at them for being politicians, he roars!

We also reveal the winners of the Big Issue Invest (that’s the investment arm of Big Issue) scheme to distribute a £500,000 pot to new, young entrepreneurs. It’s like a social enterprise Dragon’s Den. For good. Read it and see.

Amongst the other delight we have Edward Hollis with a fascinating piece on the memory palaces we construct in our homes. Also, go and take a look at the TV review. Unless you’re comedian Andy Parsons. And read the interview with Joe Pasquale – which moves from the reasons why sweets aren’t allowed to be thrown from the stage of pantos to fossils on Lyme Regis beach.

The Build Your Vendor A Shop competition continues to grow. Keep spreading the word.

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