• X-rated: The continuing adventures of Gillian Anderson

X-rated: The continuing adventures of Gillian Anderson

Issue 1146

X-rated: The continuing adventures of Gillian Anderson

In this issue…The X-factor. Famed for playing strong female characters, Gillian Anderson talks about saving the world from Robot Overlords and why Top Gear can’t continue without Clarkson, and she takes us back to where it all began with Dana Scully – find out where the new X-Files reboot is heading…

Sprint stars. A running club has opened doors for a group of young homeless people in London who now have jobs, steady accommodation and an unbeatable zest for life. As the project is poised to spread to other cities, The Big Issue laces up its running shoes and joins them for a few laps.

The Scots actor Brian Cox is our Letter To My Younger Self, talking about his mother’s struggles with mental health issues, growing up in the tough old Dundee, and his dramatic switch from being a lifelong Labour supporter to SNP last year.

Author Ann Cleeves reveals the real inspiration behind her sleuth Vera – a sexy fast-paced American detective. It’s not who you might expect.

Also in this week’s issue…

Director of Cathy Come Home Ken Loach says we should stop talking about the housing crisis – we are now dealing with a “disaster”.

John Bird talks about The Big Issue being lampooned by cartoonists, and why they’re important.

Aquaman in the new Batman v Superman showdown and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is excited about getting a twirl in the Batmobile.

The free Hidden Britain walk to download with an OS map and detailed instructions will take you to the Maharajah’s Well.

Robert McLiam Wilson discusses why we’re drawn to violence.

Our My Pitch vendor Rab in Durham is looking forward to seeing his grandkids at Easter.