Young, disabled and homeless

Issue 1559

Young, disabled and homeless

Young, disabled and homeless

There is a severe shortage of housing in Britain. But for young disabled people, like Cal Grevers, 29, finding somewhere accessible to live is an impossible dream. We hear stories of people being forced to sacrifice their independence.

Cash Carraway

Cash Carraway’s memoir, Skint Estate, was set for a high-profile TV adaptation until, stung by misunderstanding of the book, she pulled the plug. Instead, she created new BBC series Rain Dogs, a fictional dark comedy starring Daisy May Cooper.

Also inside

  • From EastEnders to Afghanistan, the world’s toughest gangs and now a deep-sea treasure hunter, we sit down with the actor turned prolific documentarian Ross Kemp
  • Acclaimed poet and musician Linton Kwesi Johnson tells us in a Letter To My Younger Self that he’s surprised how things ended up, especially after he’d planned to become an accountant 
  • We visit The Fixing Factory, breaking the cycle of us failing to recycle broken electronics
  • The shocking number of ‘ghost children’ missing from schools
  • And London vendor Kelvin shares what it was like sharing his pitch with Melanie Sykes

Plus much more!

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