• UPDATE newsletter – give a gift

UPDATE newsletter – give a gift

For more than 30 years, the Big Issue Group has been at the forefront of helping people work to improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty. At the heart of our work are our Frontline services team who help vendors to access basic services, training and employment opportunities to move on with their lives.

It’s a vital service that has provided opportunities to 105,000 people out of poverty in the UK over the years. But it’s under strain and we need your help.

Right now, 3.8 million people in the UK are experiencing destitution which means they are unable to meet their most basic physical needs to stay warm, dry, clean and fed. This is almost two-and-a-half times the number of people in 2017.

Will you help someone work themselves out of poverty?

3 people sitting at table receiving training

£20 could fund an hour of one-to-one specialist coaching in housing, benefits, wellbeing and work.

£50 could help us to offer Sales coaching to seven vendors, and help improve their confidence and increase their magazine sales income.

£100 could help pay for a refurbished laptop and help a vendor access online education courses and other digital services.

Will’s story

Will Payne used to sell the magazine on the streets of Bristol – but has now bagged a new job as a street cleaner. ‘Big Issue helped me recuperate after I had a bit of a breakdown. I lost it and ended up in hospital.’

Last year, our Frontline services team delivered a staggering 1,400 hours of employment and skills training to marginalised individuals like Will. Providing them with opportunities that wouldn’t exist without the support of individuals like you So, please make a contribution today and help someone living in poverty like Will transfor her life for the better.

Support our vendors with a subscription

For each subscription to the magazine, we’ll provide a vendor with a reusable water bottle, making it easier for them to access cold water on hot days.