• Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

We present to you the world’s first resellable magazine, brought to life with the help of digital bank Monzo.

We’re calling Pay It Forward, the world’s first resellable magazine. With the help of digital bank Monzo, Big Issue magazines will come with individual, scannable QR codes that allow readers to pass magazines on to a friend who can then scan it to pay the original vendor again.

This helps vendors earn more money and counters the challenges raised by an increasingly cashless society.

The campaign is simple. You can complete a transaction in 6 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Buy From A Pay It Forward Vendor

Get your magazine from a participating Vendor, as normal.

Step 2: Pass The Magazine Copy On

Find someone who enjoys award winning journalism with a social purpose.

Step 3: Scan The QR Code

Help the next person you sell the copy to scan the QR code on the magazine cover sticker.

Step 4: Complete A Secure Payment Through Monzo

Securely make a payment through the Monzo payment gateway for the original magazine cover price of £2.50.

Step 5: Cash Goes To The Seller

The original Vendor receives another £1.25, and the Big Issue gets the rest to continue our mission of dismantling poverty.

Step 6: Repeat & Celebrate

Celebrate helping to spread the mission! The magazine can now be sold on many more times, doing good wherever it goes.

Find Your Local Pay It Forward Vendor Below

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