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The Big Issue's podcasts bring you voices you may not normally hear, tackling the biggest challenges the world faces.

BetterPod: Acting today for a better tomorrow

What world do we want to build for future generations? How can we face the challenges of today to make our society better? How can everybody act now to protect the environment and address climate change?

BetterPod is the place to have these big conversations. Each week, we bring in the people who are acting to improve our shared future. We tell stories from the worlds of culture, science, politics and beyond – all the time focusing on solutions, on the constructive discussions that can help us all take action.

BetterPod is brought to you by The Big Issue’s Future Generations team. A recent study by the NCTJ showed that some 80 per cent of journalists come from professional and upper class backgrounds. At The Big Issue we believe those aren’t the only voices that matter. Through the Future Generations team, we offer a platform for exciting young journalists from underrepresented backgrounds to address the biggest issues facing us today.

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The Big Miss You Podcast

The Big Miss You Podcast was part of The Big Issue’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

For Big Issue vendors, whose only income is from selling the magazine, the Government lockdown due to COVID-19 was devastating – both financially and emotionally.

The Big Issue moved quickly to work out ways to continue selling the magazine. This allowed us to continue offering financial support to vendors – but we know that the human connection is just as important.

That’s where The Big Miss You Podcast came in.

Every week, as the magazine hit readers’ doormats, this podcast offered a space for vendors and readers to leave messages for each other. It’s a celebration of Big Issue vendors’ place at the heart of their communities.

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The Big Miss You podcast was produced by Laura Kelly for The Big Issue UK, with additional reporting by Liam Geraghty.