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Stop Mass Homelessness

Help us stop mass homelessness

Unless we act, the UK is facing a homelessness crisis this autumn.

Covid-19 laws put in place to prevent mass evictions and repossessions come to an end this October, the furlough scheme is ending, the Universal Credit uplift will be reversed and electricity and gas prices are set to rise.

Help us prevent an avalanche of newly homeless households this autumn in our new campaign.

Sign our petition and find out how you can do more to help the campaign.

How many people are affected by homelessness?

  • 4.3 million people are behind on household bills
  • 564,000 people are in rent arrears
  • Every 3.5 hours a household becomes homeless
  • 190,000 owner-occupied homes are in financial difficulty
  • 1.9 million jobs are at risk of permanent loss following the pandemic
  • 392,000 additional households will fall into fuel poverty

How do we tackle mass homelessness?

We need urgent action from governments to prevent the immediate threat of mass homelessness and address long-term challenges:

  1. Pay off £360m in rent arrears
  2. Suspend no fault evictions until a Renters’ Reform Act is passed
  3. Make permanent the £20 Universal Credit uplift
  4. Improve access to Discretionary Housing Payment and unfreeze Local Housing Allowance
  5. A Future Generations Act to end short-term thinking of government policy
  6. Expand social housing and encourage innovative ways to increase housing stock
  7. Improve support for financial literacy education
  8. Increase support for ethical property and letting firms
  9. Invest to create new green jobs

How can you help?

Tackling homelessness requires action from both national and local Government. We want as many councils as possible to support our campaign and commit to #StopMassHomelessness.

You can support by writing to your local council about the campaign. Simply look up your local councillor here and get in touch via email. You can use the template below – feel free to add in your own words about why this campaign matters to you and be sure to sign off with your name and address.

Dear Councillor [insert name],

You are my local Councillor and I am getting in touch to ask if you will support the Big Issue’s #StopMassHomelessness Campaign.

This campaign is important to me because when Covid-19 laws put in place to prevent mass evictions and repossessions come to an end this October, more people will be at risk of homelessness.

This will be made worse by the furlough scheme ending and because the Universal Credit uplift will be reversed. Electricity and gas prices are rising too.

This is a perfect storm of conditions and I am worried that many local people will be made homeless.

We need urgent action to stop local people being made homeless and a long-term plan to support every household.

I am asking you, as my elected representative, to help me in two ways:

  1. Sign and share the petition
  2. Become a Councillor Champion for our area and take this motion through the Council

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I would be grateful if you could let me know what action you will take to support me and to Stop Mass Homelessness.

Best wishes,

Address and postcode

Sources for data: StepChange, The Big Issue UK Finance / Ministry of Justice / Scottish Government, Resolution Foundation, GND UK.