Sean Wright, 54, Moorland Road, Bath

"It’s quite shocking to find yourself homeless so quickly"

I came to Bath about three years ago after a very difficult time. I was living in Yorkshire where I grew up but I lost my job there, then lost the house I was renting, and then things really fell apart. It’s quite shocking to find yourself homeless so quickly.

I worked in catering. I’d worked in kitchens for about 25 years but I got very fed-up with it – it just became very, very stressful. I turned to drinking in a big way to get me through but eventually I just couldn’t cope with it and quit.

I’ve never stayed in one place for too long – itchy feet, I suppose. After I became homeless I moved around a bit but everything becomes a struggle when you don’t have an address and all your belongings are in a big rucksack.

I came to Bath and I liked the place. I started selling The Big Issue here. At first it was just something to do to get me through the day. But then it became a good way of earning a bit of money again to make things easier. And speaking to some of the people began to make me feel better about things. Bath is a friendly place.

My Big Issue earnings help me get food and help pay for a shower at the leisure centre

I’m living in a tent now. At first I stayed in a night shelter here but it wasn’t too good, so I decided I had to fend for myself. I keep my tent in a field outside of Bath, and I have a little gas stove to cook some stuff on. My Big Issue earnings help me get food and help pay for a shower at the leisure centre. So a bad day selling can make the routine quite tough.

When I’m finished for the day I’ll wander around a bit until I’m tired. There are some lovely buildings in Bath and some really good buskers, so it’s a good place to wander. When I get back to the tent, I’m straight into the sleeping bag. I’m too tired for hobbies or anything.

The one thing I always loved was fishing. I picked it up when I was young, in nice quiet spots in the countryside outside Hull. I suppose I’ve always been a loner, so it’s very relaxing to just sit there, in the peace and quiet, for hours on end and lose yourself in fishing.

There’s something about Bath I like. I’ve stayed here for a few years now, so I suppose it would be good to settle here. Maybe if I get more settled, I’ll find a bit more time for fishing again. That would be nice.

If I won the lottery… I’d buy a Honda motorbike and a trailer and I’d travel around the world. Complete freedom – not a care in the world.

My favourite sport… Snooker. I was never interested in football or rugby but I always loved watching the snooker – very relaxing.

On my pitch… I’m at Velo Lounge, Moorland Road in Bath, from 9am to 5pm.

Photo: Sean Malyon

Moorland Road, Bath, United Kingdom