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The Big Issue is a weekly news and entertainment magazine with a unique distribution method which ensures every copy of the magazine is 100% paid for at 100% of the cover price.

In 2016, The Big Issue sold its 200 millionth copy and celebrated its 25th anniversary.

It also bucked industry trends by reporting a 5% rise in its circulation figure – the second consecutive year of circulation growth.

The Big Issue magazine is read by an estimated 406,000* people across the UK every week.
And circulates over 82,000 copies throughout the UK every week

The Big Issue is an award-winning publication which has challenged and shaped public perceptions, become synonymous with provocative, independent journalism, and renowned for securing high-profile exclusive interviews.

Advertising in the magazine aligns your brand with a trusted, heritage brand, and offers unique access to a desirable audience. Three out of four Big Issue readers buy three magazines a month.

72% of Big Issue readers are ABC1. 43% of readers are AB.
The Big Issue is a media phenomenon which has inspired over 120 similar magazines worldwide

Paul McNamee, Editor of The Big Issue magazine, currently holds the position of Chair of PPA Scotland. He was named BSME’s British Editor of the Year in 2013 and 2016, and PPA Scotland Editor of the Year in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

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*NRS 2017 *ABC Jan-Dec 2016