Campaign Demands

As we fight multiple crises in the UK today, we stand with organisations and groups  calling for emergency measures from the Government to support the most vulnerable. We also believe the new Government must go further and implement long-term and preventative policies so that young people and future generations have a brighter future ahead. 

We are calling for the Government to put in place a plan and policies to break this cycle of crises and poverty for good. We will be campaigning on the biggest issues we face today – the housing crisis, the cost-of-living and climate change.

1. Decent, affordable homes for all

Many of us can’t afford our own homes, our rents keep on rising, and we have little to no disposable income to save for the future. 

We demand an improvement in renters rights by freezing rents for the next 2 years, ending unfair evictions, clearing arrears, retrofitting homes, making deposits more affordable, and banning discrimination against renters on housing allowances.

We also demand that the Government reforms legislation so that the 200,000 long-term empty homes in the UK are used for people in need of housing. 

As many more households are on the brink of homelessness due to the cost-of-living, recession  and housing crisis, we also join calls for a UK-wide Housing First Approach. We demand that all people who are homeless and living with multiple needs are able to access a stable home regardless of their circumstances.

2. End the low-wage economy and invest in young people

Wages have stagnated and living standards have decreased for most of us over the last decade. Young people today are the first generation since the war that have seen a slower growth in their income in comparison to their parents. 

We demand a £15p/h minimum wage for all workers over the age of 18 by 2024. We also demand an end to insecure contracts – a minimum notice period of two months, a minimum contract of 2 years, and a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours a week.

To protect children and the most vulnerable during the current recession we also call for free school meals for all primary school children. We demand an end to fuel-poverty through a windfall tax beyond April 2023, and a decrease in the energy price cap.

We also call on the Government to Implement a Future Skills scheme, upskilling and reskilling young people, left-behind communities and members of the UK’s workforce who are in jobs that are vulnerable to disruption by crises and automation.

3. Build a greener, sustainable future and create millions of well-paid green jobs

From the hottest Summer on record in the UK, to the hottest July ever on Earth in 2022, one thing is clear – we must act on climate change right now.

We are joining calls for a Green New Deal to create at least 1m well-paid, green jobs, by investing public money worth at least 2% of the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) every year during the 2020s in green infrastructure and the care economy.

A just transition, supporting a net zero and climate resilient economy in a way that delivers fairness and tackles inequality and injustice. This will help us to reach net zero, fix the cracks in the UK labour market and provide opportunity for those currently in insecure, low-income work.