Calling all Covid-19 heroes! Get in touch for free advertising space

Grassroots businesses, small charities and third-sector groups have done so much for their communities and to help The Big Issue. Contact to let us know who could do with an advertising boost

The Big Issue is preparing for a return to the streets on July 6 after 15 weeks in which we have had to change the way we have worked to survive and support vendors.

In that time we have received tremendous support from Big Issue readers and people and businesses from communities across the country to allow us to help over 1,600 vendors with more than £400,000 in food vouchers, assistance with utilities and other emergency aid.

We want to acknowledge the help we’ve received by finding a way to help others and offer them a hand up.

We know that many, many grassroots businesses, small charities and local third-sector groups have helped make life better in their communities during lockdown.

And most have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic while they have been forced to close their doors and battle for survival.

So, to say thank you, we want dedicate some space for free advertising in The Big Issue to these organisations.

You may be one of them or you know of one who would benefit from an advertising boost. If so, please get in touch at