Big Issue Vendor

Street Cat Bob is urging you to support The Big Issue

The feline favourite is putting his paws in for the cause and calling for people to subscribe to The Big Issue while vendors are temporarily unable to sell the magazine on the streets
James Bowen and Street Cat Bob

We are urging you to subscribe to the magazine to support Big Issue vendors while they temporarily cannot sell the magazine on the streets – and so is Street Cat Bob.

Bob and his owner James Bowen shared our plea with his legions of Bobites online, noting that The Big Issue “helped them in a time of crisis”.

James and Bob’s remarkable tale is one of The Big Issue’s biggest success stories – with the pair going from selling the magazine to capturing the imagination of the nation with a series of bestselling books and even a feature film.

It is crucial that The Big Issue urgently receives 60,000 magazine subscribers to ensure that we can continue to support vendors throughout the coronavirus pandemic so they can flourish just like James.

For the foreseeable future, you can support us and vendors in these three ways, please give what you can:

Street Cat Bob is not the only celebrity urging people to back The Big Issue. The Thick of It scribe Armando Iannucci, writer and journalist Caitlin Moran and comics ace Mark Millar have also added their voice to our appeal.