Win! Big Issue Shop Earth Day goodies

Put planet before profit and wear your sustainability on your sleeve with these Big Issue Shop environmentally friendly wares!

While President Trump continues to disparage climate change, scientists across the world have once again stressed that the hurricanes, droughts, floods and earthquakes that have struck since last summer are a sign that we need to stop talking about the potential threat – it’s already here.

Sustainability sits at the forefront of tackling climate change, and for many, it needs to be as much of a priority as profitability.

The Big Issue Shop offers a huge range of products that put planet before profit and help you shop with a social echo. To celebrate World Earth Day we’re giving one lucky winner a special Big Issue Shop Earth Day goodie bag, including a print of last year’s Earth Day Special cover featuring the clever cuttlefish, a choice of three #WEARABIGISSUE T-shirts printed on an organic cotton EarthPositive® T-shirt, manufactured solely on sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power and a reusable Jerry water bottle made from pure Tritan with no BPA, lead or phthalates. There’s a removable box on the bottom of the bottle, perfect for storing your keys at the gym!

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