Win! ‘The Dark’ on DVD

Win! Frightfest hit 'The Dark' on DVD

The Lovely Bones meets Let The Right One In, with a dash of the The Blair Witch ProjectThe Dark is an unnervingly original chiller that simultaneously pulls at the heartstrings and makes the skin crawl.

In this debut from writer/director Justin P Lange, an undead young woman, Mina, stalks the ‘Devil’s Den’ woods where she was killed. If anyone enters the woods, she kills them and feasts on the body. But when she stumbles on a young blind boy named Alex, who shows signs of horrifying abuse, she can’t bring herself to kill him. As police and locals close in, searching for Alex, Mina’s growing relationship with him changes her in ways she never thought possible.

The first film to be released under the new FrightFest Presents label, The Dark shocked horror fans at this year’s FrightFest London.

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THE DARK is out on DVD on October 22

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