Win the ‘Wild Wild Country’ score on vinyl

Win one of five copies of the cult conspiracy hit on vinyl

Netflix’s 2018 cult conspiracy triumph Wild Wild Country tells the story of Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his devotees moving from India to settle in a small-town in Oregon, perfectly capturing the mayhem and intrigue that followed in their wake.

The six-part docuseries, directed by brothers Maclain and Chapman Way, features previously unseen footage distilled into a moving epic. It also boasts a haunting, cinematic soundtrack composed by Brocker Way, the third Way brother.

The impassioned, contemporary classical arrangements act as a powerfully emotive force behind the hit documentary series. These songs provide delicate colour and weight to the story of the neo-sannyasin cult and the trouble surrounding the commune they constructed in 1980s Oregon. With its kinetic movement and narrative sense of melody, Way’s score tells its own story when extracted from the series and distilled into LP form.

We have five copies of the score on vinyl to give away.

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