Celebrated street artist Ben Eine’s spell as Guest Editor of this week’s Art Special Big Issue magazine ties in with the opening of his hotly anticipated new exhibition.

Exclusive designs by illustrious artists Charming Baker and Shepard Fairy will go on sale at London’s Jealous Gallery from tomorrow alongside a piece from Big Issue vendor and avid artist Dave Martin.

Above you can see all of the works on offer.

Don’t forget that, if you like what you see, Eine has designed three very special and hugely collectable, front covers for this week’s The Big Issue magazine in his eye-catching signature typography. Get them all now from vendors or The Big Issue Shop.

And the acclaimed artist will also be releasing a special limited edition run of prints, with a percentage of sales going directly to The Big Issue to support our work in dismantling poverty.

For more information about the show and how to buy the prints, head here.