From Dickens’ Victorian Big Smoke smorgasbord to Zadie Smith’s contemporary exploration of multiculturalism and religion in North London, England’s capital has rich history of producing literary greats, using London not only as a setting but as a tool for

Now those books have been transformed into a tube map, replacing famous stations along the London Underground with famous novels based on the area they were set in.

“It was created to showcase London’s rich literary history for both locals and tourists. As bookworms ourselves we feel that literature has a unique was of painting places like few other things can,” said Tom Matthews, spokesperson for In The Book, who created the map.

“We’re all familiar with Charles Dickens, Martin Amis and Zadie Smith, but it’s also titles such as Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square and Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows that help colour areas of the city in their own unique way.

View part of the map below, and then head to In The Book to see the whole thing, plus information about the authors and books showcased.

Image: In The Book

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