The Big Issue falls prey to Jodie Comer ahead of ‘Killing Eve’ series two

Jodie Comer tells us what would be at the top of the Christmas wishlist for Villanelle, and reveals the "different energy" coming for us in series two of 'Killing Eve'

She’s the nation’s favourite assassin, but for a minute there, Jodie Comer thought Killing Eve wouldn’t even land in the UK.

Talking exclusively to The Big Issue this week, Jodie – who brilliantly portrayed anti-heroine polyglot assassin Villanelle in one of our favourite BBC dramas this year – said that she was actually pessimistic about Killing Eve’s success in Britain after its debut in the States.

“Even after it was a hit in America, the pessimist in me was saying, what if the Brits hate it?” she said. “But they didn’t. They loved it. Even in my family – I can tell they genuinely love it and it’s not ‘We’ll have to watch this because our Jodie’s in it.’ My dad has watched it so many times.”

The Big Issue caught up with Jodie this December just as she’s wrapping up filming for series two of the hit show.

“It was so crazy. And wonderful. It is lovely there is such a buzz. I have never been part of a show that has had such an enormous response,” she said, before revealing that series two may lead us in a slightly different direction than the first.

The show on the whole does have a different energy,” she said. “Which I think is important. But it has the same humour and dark moments.

She added: “What I like about Villanelle is she makes people question their own morals. You relate to her in ways you wouldn’t admit to. We all have these dark corners of our minds.

“And maybe this is just because I am a woman, but another thing that is exciting about Villanelle is that she doesn’t use her sexuality. She is never in six-inch heels and a tight catsuit luring men in through her sexuality.”

A Villanelle Christmas?

When asked about the perfect gift for the anti-heroine assassin, she said: “Oh my God! What would I get Villanelle for Christmas? Oh gosh. I feel like this is a question I need to think about. Can I come back to it? She has everything she needs. But maybe, and this is a crappy present, but maybe I would buy her the Headspace app for her phone.”

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